Family Support

Family Support Program

Family support is a flexible program that helps parents, children, and blended families improve communication, manage conflict, and cope with stress. Family support Workers meet with families with children under 19 years of age for 8 to 12 weeks and offer a range of services that can be offered in the family home or in the community.

These services include individual and group support, parenting education and help accessing services for mental health and drug and alcohol issues. Families, who can self-refer or be referred by other professionals, will be connected to a Family Support Worker as soon as possible (usually within 2-4 weeks).

Parent Education

As part of the Family Support Program, Hollyburn offers Parent Education courses to meet parenting needs. These include:

  1. The Incredible Years - for families with children under 8
  2. A Parent's Influence - for families with children up to 12
  3. Parenting Teens - for families with teens and pre-teens


The Incredible Years is a closed 12 week parenting program for parents with children between three and eight years of age. The goal is to support the development of a healthy and strong parent-child bond while also encouraging and promoting positive child behaviour. Each session will include a maximum of 15 parents with each parent working towards developing their own individualized goals for skill development.

The Incredible Years is considered a best practice program, which means that it has over 25 years of research proving its effectiveness in supporting positive child behaviour, especially with children diagnosed with behaviour disorders.

For more information on the Incredible Years and the research that supports it, visit or sign up for the next available course by emailing Kim Ansell. (


A Parent's Influence is a basic, four-session parent education program that helps parents understand how they can influence and affect their child's behaviour.

Topics include:

  • Helping parents understand how a child's environment influences his/her behavioural choices and learning and what parents can do to affect this.
  • How to support healthy self-esteem and how relationships influence the messages we give our children.

  • The basics of discipline, including setting effective limits and choosing meaningful consequences.

  • Understanding family dynamics and how they impact your child’s behaviour.

  • Effective strategies for dealing with developmental, cognitive and temperamental issues.


Our Parenting Teens program is a four-session parent education program based on our "A Parent's Influence" parenting education program. Using a similar format, Parenting Teens explores how parents can positively influence their teen’s behaviour. This includes providing examples and discussion topics that recognize the unique issues and challenges of parenting teens.

Topics include:

  • Power struggles and independence issues
  • Creating a sense of individuality (individuation?)

  • Coping with serious behaviours

  • Communication strategies


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