Protocol Support Line

If you would like support through a Protocol or have any questions regarding the process, please call 1-877-926-1185

Foster parents share the ministry's responsibility to protect the safety and well-being of children in care. Carrying out this responsibility in day-to-day life is not always easy. Foster families face a lot of challenges and sometimes these lead to differences between foster parents and ministry staff. Most issues can be worked out by talking things over with a social worker. But other situations require a formal process called a Protocol that clearly spells out what will happen and when.

Hollyburn Foster Family Support Services can arrange for a support person to help you through a Protocol Investigation. The support person can answer your questions, attend any interviews with you and give you information about the investigation.

There are three different protocol situations:

  1. The first situation occurs when the ministry receives a report that a child in your home is abused or neglected. In a case like this, the Protocol for Investigating Reports of Abuse or Neglect are followed.
  2. The second occurs when someone has a concern about the quality of care a child in your foster home is receiving. In this case, the Protocol for Reviewing Quality of Care Concerns is followed.

  3. The third occurs when you and ministry staff cannot agree on an issue. In this case, the Protocol for Resolving Issues between Foster Parents and Ministry Staff is followed.

You can get more detailed information from the booklet Protocols for Foster Homes. If you still have questions please contact us or your local foster parent association.

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